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JCS has a deep understanding and grasp of the nature of product structure, and seeks differences with commodities, so we have obtained a number of invention patents and CE certification. JCS has three production bases, and the annual production of needle loom machines exceeds 3,000 sets to meet market demand, and can provide customized demand to compete with the market in the form of brands. JCS has established agents and distributors in more than 10 countries around the world to provide customers with better quality. More professional, and can provide after-sales service in a timely manner. In addition to improving the level of technology, we also strive to explore human resources, create a good working environment, train and train professionals, and introduce industry skills from advanced countries. Efforts to research and develop international sales markets. Internally, we emphasize the rationalization and flexibility of our factory production line, transforming JCS into a diversified management startup organization..


"JCS SPIRIT - Force For Good. Weaving a better life!" Business is part of the social composition, starting from ourselves, to unite a good force, promote others and create a social environment of sharing, win-win, common prosperity, a total of good. The harmonious development of enterprises and society is an issue that we often think and attach importance to. We work hard in the R&D, innovation and manufacturing processes of our products to constantly promote the value of our products so as to promote the development of enterprises and enhance the quality of human life. With the company colleagues, business partners, customers create a total of a total of win-win situation for the community to make contributions to the good power of the past, the cycle of reciprocation, which is wide-wild spirit..


“Good Design, Well Manufacture, Good to customers and employees.” Focusing on JCS's brand “Needle Loom Machine Equipment”, insist quality, innovation and development continuously. Provide quality and valuable products. Combination of upstream and retailers to provide related equipment and whole plant output which could create company-managing efficiency.