JCS Air Covering Machine

JCS Twisting machine
April 21, 2019
JCS Computerized spandex covering machine
April 21, 2019

VLUU L310W L313 M310W / Samsung L310W L313 M310W

Air covering machine

One section have 4 position.

One position have 5 motors and 5 inverters


One position total power rating is 540w, actual power is 540*60%

Suitable for 20-300 D

Spandex stretch 1.4-3.5

Max.speed 900m/min,actual speed is 800m/min

Pressure air 4-6 cube per hour, pressure3-5 bar

20D spandex single covering 30D polyester,24 hours,180kgs

20D spandex single covering 70D polyester,24 hours,300kgs

Each position equip slow speed key for start,high speed key for run,and stop speed key for stop,very convenient for operate Different section can produce different type of covered yarn Setting fixed length or weight

Automatic single position stop when yarn break or take up package has reached the setting or pressure air flow stop

Each position has yarn oil device.The oil is fed by pump

All setting by computer,very exactly and easy.

One section length 1665mm, width 985mm, height 1710mm


$ 120000-170000 USD