JCS Ouguan Pasting machine

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April 21, 2019
Spot machine
April 21, 2019
Use and Characteristics

BJ The BJ series of pasting machine is a kind of gum mounting used to produce every kind of corrugated paperboard.


his machine can past the glue on the single and double sides of the corrugated paper with the plank paper into the corrugated paperboard.

The gum mounting roller of the machine has chosen the superior quality seamless steel pipe as its material and has the characteristics such as wearresisting,long using life and so on.

1 Model :BJ-2500

2 Over the paper width : 2500

3 Working speed ( m/min) : 80

4 Shape size : 3000×600×1500

5 KG) Whole machine weight (about kg) : 1000

6 Voltage:380V 60HZ 7 Power:2.0KW


$10000-13000 USD