JCS Ouguan Semi-auto Folder Gluer

JCS Air Compressor Machine
May 5, 2019
JCS High Speed Jacquard elastic
April 24, 2019
用途与特点:Feature and characteristics

本机是纸箱成型的最后工序设备,适用于三层五层大小不等的瓦楞纸板结合(如需粘合七层,可定做加工),本机生产效率高,生产的纸板方正美观,最大优点消耗粘合剂少,成本低于订箱扁丝10倍之多,且粘合牢固,操作方便,节人节电,运转平稳,是出口高档纸箱加工的理想设备。 This machine is the last equipment of the carton molding,is applicated to the corrugated cardboard’s combination of the three layers or five layers with different sizes(If need gluing seven layer, can be customized processing)This machine is in high efficiency and the cardboard is beautiful.The most beneficial is that binder costs less,the costs are 10 times less than the stitching ribbonfil.It is strong adhesion,easy operation and smooth operation which is ideal equipment of exporting advanced cardboard processing


USD 20000-23000