JCS Ouguan Single facer machine

JCS Ouguan NC sheet cutter machine
April 21, 2019
Hydrolic Mill Roll stand machine
April 21, 2019
Technical Parameters

* Expiry width: 1800mm

* Temperature: 160 200℃

* Total power: 15kw

* Heating method: steam heating

Structural Features

* The paper guiding adopts wind adsorption, keeping the stability of flutes under the condition of high speed.

* The corrugated paper is adsorbed to the middle corrugated roller to form a negative pressure zone of 180°and then to finish the rolling of corrugation through the vacuum box by fan.

* The width of suction slot of lower corrugated roller is not more than 2.6mm, able to reduce the stripe mark on single side corrugated cardboard.

* The reducer casing adopts oil bath lubrication and closed gear transmission, reducing the vibration of machine.

* This machine adopts auto-cycle glue supply and pneumatic control glue supply and return, making it be characterized by buffering effect.

* The glue roller surface is treated with special mesh nicking and chrome-plating.

* Upper and lower corrugated rollers are made of 48CrMo high quality alloy steel. After heat-treatment, the rigidity is HRC58-62.The surface is grinded and chrome plated

* Flute profile: optional by customers.


$34000-35000 USD