JCS Ouguan Thin blade slitter scorer machine

Chain feeding 2 color printer slotter machine
April 21, 2019
JCS Ouguan Semi-Auto Flute Laminator
April 21, 2019
A.Machine structure:;

a) This machine has automatic sharpening system. Each blades has independent control of the sharpening switch. In order to extend the blade life effectively, you can according to the production quantity adjust the sharpening interval time.

b) Electromagnetic speed motor. After the deceleration of a belt, chain drive to the host work. The operation is reliable and stable.

c) This machine blade adopt tungsten steel material. it has high quality and long life, slitting paper can be up to 200-400 millimeters. 200-400mm

d) The feeding part has pre-pressed wheel design. Creasing part of 3mm width design. That can ensure the paper board without crack and the poly-lines as a straight angle when the creasing.

e) The slitting blade has culet and rolling bearing design, and adjust very flexible and convenient

B.Machine features:

1 This series machine can slitting corrugated cardboard, plastic, hollow board, grey cardboard.

b) Slitting the corrugated board edge is smooth, beautiful, no cracking


c)This machine has step-less speed regulation system,different skilled workers can be operating.

d) This machine gearbox has open the door design,to convenient inspection and maintenance,repair.

e)Feed part and pressure line part of the lower shaft using roller design,ensure cardboard after pressure line of paper without creasing,convenient printing.

f) all of the drive shaft surface has hard chrome plating, to ensure durable


$12000-13000 USD