JCS Computerized spandex covering machine

JCS Air Covering Machine
April 21, 2019
JCS Poly machine
April 21, 2019
Motor and drives frames

N.2 motors,top motor5.5kw,bottom motor 7.5kw,380V,50HZ,3PH

N.2 Mitsubishi inverter for 5.5kw and 7.5kw

N. 6 motor pulleys

N. 41 change gears for input,draft,take-up

Central sections

N. 5 machine sections,one section have 16 pcs production heads,total 80 take up positions.

N. 4 central frames

N.10 pcs chromeplate rollers for spandex/rubber draft, with 80 pcs smaller counterweight

N. 160 pcs complete spindles with fix ceramic inlet special.

N. 320 pcs Diam.84mm aluminum bobbins.

N.20 pcs chromeplate rollers for covered yarn draft, with 80 pcs bigger counterweight

N.80 draft positions on complete roller

N.2 tangential spindles belt Made in Swiss

N.80 elastic pulleys,40 left and 40 right

N.1 complete spandex/rubber feeding system.

Belt stretcher headstock

N.2 (lower and upper ) belt stretcher devices complete with guide pulleys

N.1 mechanical reducer with pulley for input/draft/take-up


$ 100000-150000 USD

Full automatic computerized winding machine

Product Description

Wire size 0.1-1.2MM

Raverse motor 100MM

Max.speed 0-1200(turns)/min

Power source 220V 59HZ

Main motor AC1/2+1HP

Traverse motor Stepping motor

Dimension 780×1320×1240mm

Wooden case 830×1370×1290mm

Net weight 180kg

Gross weight 220kg


$ 50000-55000 USD