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JCS Ouguan Pasting machine
April 21, 2019
JCS Ouguan Semi-automatic Color Printing Machine
April 21, 2019

Automatic Narrow Fabric Needle Loom Bonas Type High Speed Automatic Needle Loom Machine application for various tapes output ranges from 2 to 12 by number of tape and width from min. 3mm to max. 110mm, the weft density is available from 350mm to 367mm. To meet customers' need, the same width of the models can be converted each other to different output in number, and the needle loom has quality parts to composition, it can be created most economical value used with long durability, and reduces depreciation rate effectively.

Function Device:

Shedding Frame Assem. Shedding Lever Axle Assem. Tape Plate Bracket (30、45、55、65、80、110), Cam Shaft Assem, Axle/Reed Assem, Latch Lever Assem, Latch Needle Alex Assem, Take-off Roller Assem, Pressure Roller Assem, Feeder Drive Assem, Holder/Weft Spring, Bracket Support Assem,


$100000 USD